David Kahn and the T-Wolves are a Laughingstock

David Kahn is the worst GM in the NBA. He finally realized his best two players are power forwards, and tried to deal Al Jefferson for Indiana’s Danny Granger. Kahn, a rookie GM, was denied. Kahn inherited a junk-filled roster from Kevin McHale, but the former sportswriter is pulling an Isiah Thomas – he’s botching the purge, and setting the franchise back even more, just like Zeke did with the Knicks. You know how people said no other sportswriter would get a shot in the broadcast booth after Tony Kornheiser’s turn on MNF? So much for a blogger (waving hands wildly) running the Bucks. How poorly is this team built? Consider these 1st round busts this decade: Ndudi Ebi in 03, Rashad McCants in 05, Corey Brewer in 07, and then drafting Brandon Roy and OJ Mayo, only to trade both of them. Don’t get us started on the debacle that was the 2009 draft. Minnesota fans need to revolt. [Woj]

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