Adam Schefter on Rumored "Vacation" with Then-Broncos Coach Mike Shanahan: "100 % False"

mike shanahan book think like a championadam-schefterAdam Schefter’s star has risen at ESPN in recent months – the decision-makers in Bristol love him; we hear he’s great at “playing the game” – and he’s produced plenty of NFL scoops. The Washington Post recently wrote this glowing piece on Schefter, which included this quote about his relationship with new Redskins’ coach Mike Shanahan: “We’re friends, but in no way has that ever compromised my coverage of him.” We get an inordinate number of tips each week, and here’s one we’ve sat on for quite a while: The rumor that Schefter and Shanahan were so close that they once vacationed together in the late 1990’s. We emailed Schefter about it this morning, and later spoke with him about it.

“100 percent false. I was working on my book with him, and his family was on vacation. I flew in for two days of interviews. I stayed at a different hotel than his. Then I left. I was not on his bill, it was all mine. I never vacationed with him.”

And what about the rumor that you were so close with Shanahan that after one of Denver’s Super bowl victories, you rode home on Pat Bowlen’s private jet?

“False. That was a me and Pat Bowlen issue. The local Denver TV media – channel 4 and channel 9, each of whom I worked for at various points – that covered the team would fly on the team plane, and Bowlen told me, ‘if we win the Super Bowl, you can come on the team plane.’ It wasn’t his private jet. And it had nothing to do with Mike. I sat next to Pat. If you call Pat Bowlen, he’ll confirm this story.”

We did not attempt to call Pat Bowlen to confirm the story in question.

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