Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko in Germany, on the Red Carpet

hayden-panettiere-wladimir-klitschkoHayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko, perhaps the oddest celebrity-athlete coupling since Marko Jaric and Adriana Lima got hitched, went to a movie premiere in Germany last night. (They opened the new year partying in Miami.) Klitschko currently holds four heavyweight boxing titles. Panettiere was a teenage actress on the rise two years ago; her last movie, I Love You Beth Cooper, was a colossal box office bust. This photo reminds us of the time Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues nearly went sailing.

Yes, we found this news more surprising than Andre Miller’s 52-point explosion against the Mavericks, Gonzaga losing at lowly San Francisco, and Roger Federer blowing past Andy Murray to capture the Australian Open men’s title.

Because you want to see it first!

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