The Many Faces of Bud Selig

223551-0-0-1Never, in the history of faces, has one screamed to be cast in bronze quite like Bud Selig’s.  Thankfully, the Milwaukee Brewers will erect a statue of their former owner, to be unveiled August 24.  The question, however, is which iconic Selig expression the artist will choose.  There are many.

BudseligThe Socrates

bud-seligThe Speak Up, Sonny.

2717352039_f8d714aebeThe Ladykiller.

aabJHyal The Sun Never Sets on Awesome.

seligThe Double-Wielding.

07_alan_bud_seligThe State of Confusion

9axb62p885heThe Mitchell Report.

20090929selig_330The “If You Know What I Mean.”

bud-selig-1The Barry Bonds.

bud-selig_featureThe Intensity.

selig-240x300The Seething.

selig_the_eagleThe Hosting Smackdown.

seligThe Pants Adjuster.

Stand+Up+2+Cancer+Press+Conference+C7VACbPU1ZXlThe Chinese Food Hangover.

zibArvQ3The Seal the Deal.

If someone would ask Bud Selig at the next press conference why he only wears red ties, I would be eternally grateful.

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