Chris Wallace Trying Really Hard to Sell The 2008 Gasol Deal as Not That Lopsided

The Pau Gasol Trade: Back in February of ’08, it appeared to be one of the greatest NBA heists of all-time. LA went from back-to-back 1st round playoffs ousters to back-to-back Finals appearances (and a title in ’09). The Grizzlies are finally winning some (28-27) to take the sting out of the trade, but it should be noted that A) They have some work to do to get into the playoffs, and B) They’re going to lose Rudy Gay this offseason and those 20 points won’t easily be replaced. Improving from 22-ish wins to 35 means nothing if you can’t build on it. If the Lakers win another title and Grizz miss the playoffs this year and next, it cements this as one of the greatest heists in NBA history. [Memphis C-A]

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