John Canzano vs. Oregon Football Coach Chip Kelly Makes Great Radio

John Canzano vs. Chip Kelly: Here’s a terrific, contentious radio interview between the Oregonian columnist (Canzano) and the Oregon football coach (Kelly). Kelly is defensive about his problem-ridden players and 1/4 of the way through says, “when this whole thing shakes itself out, and the truth comes out, put me on the air again. And you apologize.” Soonafter, Kelly says, “… can you please let all the facts and everything come out on every individual case? … Do me a favor, get your facts straight before making accusations.” Canzano wants a suspension for LaMichael James to “send a message” and feels Kelly is being selective about whom he boots from the team. Kelly: “you sit up in your throne in Portland and you don’t know what’s going on.” [Listen Here, via Quizz&Quon]

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