John Feinstein Rips ESPN Over Kornheiser's Hannah Storm Comment Suspension

Feinstein on Korn-Storm: John Feinstein took a break from stretching a feature article into his next six-figure book to rip ESPN about Kornheiser’s suspension.  “The TWO apologies should have been enough. But ESPN couldn’t resist the opportunity to try to let people know that it is America’s great defender of women. That’s because in the past it has been anything but that. So, after Tony apologized to Storm both privately and publicly, he was told he was going to be suspended. At first it was going to be three days but clearly someone up high decided this was a great time to REALLY jump on a high horse so the suspension became 10 days. Then there were predictable self-righteous statements from Bristol about how the network simply couldn’t allow this.” (Feinstein On The Brink)

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