Tony Kornheiser-Hannah Storm the Talk of Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America, and Every Newspaper on the Planet

Tony Kornheiser-Hannah Storm: It was only blog fodder until the 2-week suspension was handed down. Newspapers everywhere picked it up, Howard Stern opened his show talking about it, Good Morning America touched on it, and Regis & Kelly did, too. Slate’s Jack Schafer: “The fact that ESPN has suddenly taken to punishing Kornheiser for being an oozing bag of pus and venom raises more questions about the network than it does about the employee.” (Deadspin’s Chris Berman rumor? The initial tip sent to us about Kornheiser’s rant was actually about the veiled shot at Berman. We heard the Storm comments and ran with those instead.) Worth noting – Norby Friday: “Totally inappropriate … We are in the process of reviewing the entire situation.” John Skipper: “entirely inappropriate. Hurtful and personal comments such as these are not acceptable.”

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