MLB Photo Day is a Stark Divide of Emotion

Blue Jays Spring BaseballAthletics Spring BaseballMLB photo day is upon us.

Coco Crisp appears to have received a dizzying shocker for the ages, while Alex Gonzalez’s chief desire is to make it through the day.

95714995JF022_MILWAUKEE_BRE Scott Richmod biting off more than he can chew 95714995JF010_Milwaukee_Bre

Toronto’s Scott Richmond biting the homemade gold medal here is a tad much. Thankfully, Jim Edmonds and Trevor Hoffman have arrived with more bubbling rage than 1995 Billy Corgan.

Tim Tebow has entered the 2010 NFL Draft

Now that I’ve had a chance to see Tebow in an NFL uniform, it’s just not working. He’ll be circumcising footballs on NFL Live in less than two years.

[Tebow grab via ESPN]
[MLB photos via Yahoo]

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