Brittney Griner Getting Suspended for 2 Games is a Joke, Baylor Should Be Embarrassed

Brittney Griner got a mandatory one-game suspension by the NCAA for throwing a punch. Baylor somehow made the decision that Griner breaking Jordan Barncastle’s nose with a sucker punch was only worth one more game. Ridiculous. We’re fans of Richard Justice, but this isn’t his best work.

Where’s the media outrage? [Oh, here it is: Griner averages 19 points, eight rebounds and six blocks per game for the 14th ranked Bears.]

Sure, Griner didn’t rant and rave like Oregon’s LeGarrette Blount did after punching that trash-talking Boise St. punk, but you can’t compare the heated atmosphere in Idaho that night to the four dozen people in Lubbock for a women’s hoops game. We’d actually argue that what Blount did was more justified than Griner’s cheap shot.

After a heated game, if you’ve got the stones to trash talk in some guy’s face, you should be prepared for whatever comes your way. We always thought Blount should have gotten a game or two, and that his punishment was excessive. Griner’s sucker punch was in the middle of a game. After she got fouled. And it wasn’t even a hard foul, or an intentional foul. Just a foul.

Worst part? Jordan Barncastle’s season could be over due to the “nasal fracture.” She’ll know more when the swelling goes down – Griner could be back on the court by the time that happens. Surgery will probably be required.

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