Andrew Bogut Suffers Gruesome Injury Following Dunk [Video, But it Ain't Pretty]

Andrew Bogut appears to have shattered his elbow after slipping on the rim following a dunk Saturday. [UPDATE: Dislocated right elbow, broken right hand.] Amare Stoudemire was called for a flagrant foul for pushing Bogut, but it wasn’t his fault. Bogut simply slipped off the rim and the result was video as gruesome as what happened to Brian Butch, Shaun Livingston, or Joe Theisman. You can hear Bogut writhing in pain as he’s being treated courtside. The slow-mo replay at 1:03 is particularly painful to watch. We’ll update with a better quality video as soon as we find one. Bogut looks to be lost for the season, and that means the Bucks – one of the surprise teams in the NBA this year – will have no shot in the playoffs.

Because you want to see it first!

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