Brad Stevens Phone Will Be Ringing Off the Hook Today, and the First Call Will Probably Be From Oregon

Brad Stevens: The 33-year-old Butler coach, who looks like either the kid who helped you select a printer cartridge as Staples or your no-nonsense, by-the-book chemistry teacher, coached a masterful NCAA tournament. Among his victims: Jim Boeheim, media-darling Frank Martin, legendary X’s/O’x master Tom Izzo and very nearly, Coach K. NBA folks are impressed. Will Stevens make the leap to Oregon once the Ducks make an offer (it’s a matter of when, not ‘if’)? Stevens, a lifelong Indiana guy, is 89-15 at Butler in just three seasons. Could he recruit outside of the comfort zone he’s known all his life, half a country away? Perhaps more importantly, if Gordon Hayward returns to school, Butler will return five of its top six scorers (Willie Veasley is a senior; William Jukes graduates, too). If Hayward were to leave, the job at Oregon would look very enticing.

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