Tiki Barber Ditched His Pregnant Wife for 23-Year-Old Former NBC Intern Traci Lynn Johnson

Tiki Barber dumped his pregnant wife for a former NBC intern named Traci Lynn Johnson, according to the New York Post. Barber’s wife of 11 years is currently pregnant with twins (the couple has two kids). The paper claims that Barber – who turns 35 today – met the 23-year-old Johnson when he joined NBC after retiring in 2007. 

This photo of her is the only one we could find on the web, but we’re sure you internet super sleuths can do better (it’s difficult because her name is so common).

Barber joins the ranks of class acts like Tom Brady (who dumped his pregnant girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, for Gisele), sports announcer Jim Nantz (dumped his longtime wife for a book publicist), Tiger Woods (cheated on his wife, repeatedly), Shaq (got a divorce from his longtime wife; rumored to have cheated on her with the girlfriend of Gilbert Arenas), and every other athlete or sports figure who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.

Tiki Barber dumps pregnant wife for hot blonde [NY Post]

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