We Got the Favre-to-be-a Grandfather Tip Over Two Months Ago. Should We Have Run With It?

Yesterday it was announced that Brett Favre became a grandfather. Ed Werder “broke” the story, the AP wrote about it, and the Star Tribune blogged about it.

Here’s the thing – we received a tip about this two months ago (along with this “new” photo). We asked the rest of team TBL their thoughts on a speculative post about it and also ran it by a couple of longtime trusted advisers. Was it even a story? What’s a blogger to do?

From: xxxx@cofc.edu
Subject: Brittany Favre
Date: January 25, 2010 11:21:43 AM EST

She is 21 now, here is a pic of her as a sophomore drinking in a bathroom at college bar in Charleston, the Silver Dollar.

I heard a rumor she is 7 months preg with her bf’s kid …. [two weeks later] confirmed by xyz … took her facebook down / currently not taking classes at CofC.

What should the move have been? Nobody in Favre’s camp would confirm such a story, and we couldn’t get anyone on the record to confirm the pregnant. If we had run with it and missed … ouch. That would have stung. If we had run with it and nobody confirmed the story two months ago, we’d be that dirty blogger, digging up salacious crap that is nobody’s business. But now, it’s news.

We’ll let you have the floor. [Photo via reader]

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