2010 MLB Prediction Preview: The Media Loves the Phillies, Cardinals and Yankees

It’s always interesting to see aggregated media predictions, in hopes that some glimmer of wisdom shines through the cluttered foresight. This year, we have collected at least 108 media member predictions for the 2010 baseball season (email geoffreydecker@gmail.com with links to more predictions). Seventeen outlets are represented. They range from TV analysts and sports radio hosts to columnists, sportswriters and bloggers. There are at least seven media outlets we’ve found that have posted full staff predictions.

ESPN has an unprecedented prediction page this year: 36 ESPN media members. Elsewhere, FanHouse posted predictions for 13 mostly obscure bloggers, which is twice as many as  The Boston Globe, The St. Louis Dispatch, and CBSSports.com and equal to that of Sports Illustrated.

Baseball Prospectus staffers are also on the list and they do not like the Yankees. While everyone else picked the pinstripes to win the AL East, BP are bigger fans of the Red Sox. Seven staffers picked, compared to only four for the Yankees and two for the Rays.

Also collected are predictions of several individuals. At the All Star Break, we’ll have the complete ranked list of individual media member predictions. For now, here’s the breakdown of how each team is favored in their division, according to their predictions (out of 108 media members):

AL East

Yankees: 76

Red Sox: 24

Rays: 8

AL Central

Twins: 50

White Sox: 42

Tigers: 16

AL West:

Angels: 52

Rangers: 29

Mariners: 25

Athletics: 2 (BP Projection and BP’s John Perrotto)

NL East

Phillies: 100

Braves: 7

Marlins: 1 (AJ Mass of ESPN)

NL Central

Cards: 90

Reds: 9

Brewers: 5

Cubs: 4

NL West

Rockies: 68

Dodgers: 26

Giants: 11

DBacks: 4

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