Columnist Reach: Time to Move the Toronto Blue Jays. How About South America? Caracas, Venezuela?

“While Major League Baseball has more than a few issues that need addressing, somewhere in that list should be getting a team out of Canada. Forget the obvious in failing attendance and a shrinking Blue Jays payroll. You can flip on the hotel television and skim through the stations to get the pulse of what’s going on. It’s NHL, junior hockey, college hockey, high school hockey, Justin Bieber, Canadian Olympians, and more hockey.”

If those are Joe Cowley’s credentials for “contraction,” we can think of maybe 10 teams that should get the ax before the Blue Jays.

There’s an Alex Rios quote in there about how the Jays have “no following.” The author suggests South America – specifically Caracas, Venezuela. A city that was the deemed the “Murder Capital of the World” in 2008. Question: How much armed protection would every team require for a visit to Caracas? (If you’re wondering where you’ve heard this buffoon’s name before … the 2006 AL MVP race. Derek Jeter was narrowly beaten out by Justin Morneau. Cowley listed Jeter 6th on his ballot and was universally destroyed by every baseball scribe in the country.)

Here’s the response to Cowley’s dreck from the Toronto Blue Jays president, Paul Beeston: “The Blue Jays will be in Toronto longer than the writer will work for his paper. I thought it was irresponsible journalism. We’re not going anywhere.”

We humbly suggest that Cowley give up his jock-sniffing for a week. There are ways to get creative besides being an ignoramus. Major League Baseball in Venezuela? Did he try saying that out loud of himself before he typed it? [Sun-Times]

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