February & March 2010 Comscore: NBC Sports, CBS Sports Benefit from Two Major Events

Because we’re always slow to post the ComScore numbers, today, we’ll double up: February and March. Key events to remember in both months: the Olympics in February, and the NCAA Tournament in March. The winners: NBC Sports and CBS Sports. Despite the boost, neither topped Yahoo Sports. As usual, Comscore is not the only way to track internet hits. It is just a popular one that matters when it comes to advertising. With that in mind, both months’ numbers after the jump. (Why Lauren Conrad? That’s a young lady the kids like today, right?)

February 2010:
1. Yahoo Sports – 39.17 million unique visitors
2. NBC Sports – 33.49 million unique visitors
(Note: NBCOlympics.com did 28.94 million; NBCSports.com did 7.4 million)
3. ESPN – 23.55 million
4. Fox Sports.com on MSN – 20.21 million
5. Sports Illustrated Sites – 17.33 million
(“Sites” include: SI.com, Fannation.com, Golf.com)
6. CBS Sports – 17.29 million
(Note: CBS College Sports did 9.1 million; CBSSports.com did 5.2 million)
7. NFL Internet Group – 14.54 million
8. AOL Sports – 13.97 million
9. Fantasy Sports Ventures – 13.06 million
10. NBA – 6.9 million

If you feel like looking at how these sites did year-over-year (remember, no Olympics in ’09), here are the February 2009 numbers. And if you’re wondering what is up with the SI surge, you may have missed this note in December. Clueless as to what a “unique visitor” is? Read me.

March 2010:
1. Yahoo Sports – 29.73 million uniques
2. CBS Sports – 27.51 million uniques
(Note: CBS College Sports did 18.1 million)
3. ESPN – 27.28 million
4. Fox Sports.com on MSN – 19.15 million
5. Fantasy Sports Ventures – 14.84 million
6. Sports Illustrated Sites – 12.73 million
7. NBC Sports – 11.43 million
8. AOL Sports – 11.21 million
9. NFL Internet Group – 9.8 million
(Note: Pretty impressive number considering there’s zero NFL activity in March.)
10. MLB.com – 8.12 million
(Odd that MLB.com in the preseason topped the NBA, which was winding down.)

If you look at the 2009 March numbers, CBS Sports got a enormous boost from March Madness.

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