2010 World Cup Estimates 40,000 Prostitutes, 1 Billion Condoms

Hookers at the World Cup: The 2010 World Cup will be engulfed by prostitutes. Approximately 40,000 of them. “Henry Africa, 49, drives a taxi in Cape Town and … operates the “Bright Red Tour,” which he expects to be a hit among soccer fans. For the equivalent of 500 dollars, he’ll shuttle customers from strip bar to strip bar all night and even bring them over to a safe-sex practicing prostitute, a relevant selling point in a country where one in five adults are estimated to be HIV positive.” Now that your cock is scared limp, laugh and then applaud this: “Even President Jacob Zuma — himself a polygamist, father of at least 20 children and an infamous condom skeptic … asked the government to supply 1 billion extra condoms to South Africa before the upcoming tournament.” [Global Post]

Because you want to see it first!

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