The 420 Football League and The NFL's Issue With Their Logo

The NFL has sent a cease and desist letter to the 420 Football League because their logo looks a little too much like the original.

According to the letter, the 420 FL logo will “tarnish the image of the NFL … and dilutes the strength and value of the NFL trademark.”

In case you don’t get it, the 420FL has to do with smoking weed. There’s a rapper you’ve never heard of involved and you advance the ball a yard for every second you hold in a “hit” of “pot.” Is there really a ball? Um, no.

Warning: Videos contain explicit drug use!

I can’t imagine why the NFL would want to distance their brand from this group of people.

In case you thought this was just a bunch of potheads, they’re pretty damn official. They’ve got big time sponsors.

[TMZ via Last Angry Fan]

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