Jason Williams of the Magic Wants You to Back the F Up From His Locker, Bubs (?)

Jason Williams of the Magic, perhaps frustrated that his NBA career could have just one game left, cursed at reporters who were crowding him at his locker recently. “Ya’ll need to step the F back,” the artist formerly known as White Chocolate barked. “Don’t get smart bubs.” It sounded like Williams said ‘Bubs.’ Is that a nod to the Wire? Or is there actually a reporter covering this series with the nickname ‘Bubs?’ The irony here is that Matt Barnes, who is being interviewed during Williams’ expletive-laced rant, is supposed to be the team’s resident hot head. [via Hot Clicks. Note: We’ve long been enamored with Williams, and found this funny enough to watch four times.]

Because you want to see it first!

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