If Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin Couldn't Co-exist, Why Would John Wall and Gilbert Arenas Be Able to?

We missed the NBA draft lottery while on vacation (latest mock draft coming Thursday), but the Wizards were the victors, and the first thought we had when we heard the news: John Wall and Gilbert Arenas are going to be the next Tyreke Evans/Kevin Martin. Here’s what Wall told the Washington Post last week following an interview with the Wizards:

Wall said it shouldn’t be a problem for him — so long as Wall doesn’t have to change positions. “If they pick me, if they want me to be the player that I want to be, I have to have the ball in my hands, as a point guard and lead the offense.

Dilemma: Can’t trade Arenas, as he has little or no value based on last season’s weapons charges (plus, he’s making a ton and he’s only played 46 of 246 games in the last three years, mostly due to injuries). Can’t pass on Wall – too good. Probably on the level of Derrick Rose or Evans. Trading down to get Evan Turner (a big need, actually) or DeMarcus Cousins (also, a need) is out of the question. So you draft Wall, hope for some early season chemistry and not petulance from Arenas, then trade him as soon as you can before it all falls apart (because it will).

The 76ers picking 2nd have no such issues. Holiday/Lou Williams can fight over point guard duties, Iggy will play shooting guard, and Turner should be able to slide nicely into the SF spot.

Because you want to see it first!

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