Silvia Mena Photos Surface, Her Friend Talks to Us About the Albert Haynesworth Situation

The NY Post reported this morning that Albert Haynesworth of the Redskins is being sued for $10 million by Silvia Mena, a woman he got pregnant and essentially kicked to the curb. Roland Reznik, a friend of Mena, sent us these photos of her. (CBS has a photo of her and Haynesworth.) He also set her up with Haynesworth.

Reznik, a celebrity luxury car dealer who has shipped cars for Haynesworth, claims he set the two up on a date in February, and he’s upset with how the Redskins defensive tackle has treated her.

“I thought he was a dynamite guy, really nice, educated, and friendly,” Reznik told The Big Lead. “After they met, he was infatuated with her, and kept saying he wanted to take her here and there. The last few weeks, she’s been crying everyday.”

Reznik said that Mena isn’t an “exotic dancer” but rather works as a bartender at a strip club in New Jersey (he wouldn’t divulge the name of the strip club). He said he introduced Mena to Haynesworth at the Super Bowl in February and he quickly took her to an ESPN event in Miami as his “date”. Things quickly escalated from there, and four months later, she’s pregnant and Haynesworth won’t return her calls.

Our calls to Mena’s lawyer were not returned.

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