Stan Van Gundy Goes Off on Mike Wilbon, Claims That Not Doing PTI Has Opened Him Up to Criticism

Stan Van Gundy vs. Mike Wilbon: Earlier this week, Wilbon said on the radio that there were “rumblings” SVG would be fired if the Magic lost to the Celtics. “Michael Wilbon, to my knowledge, has never done anything competitive, never been in a locker room. never had to play, never had to coach, never had to make a decision … I’ve refused to be on PTI over the years. Look, I follow this stuff. If you’re on guys’ shows, they don’t criticize you and if you won’t go on their shows, they do [criticize you]. That stuff is never made known. There’s a lack of integrity in the business … He’s certainly not an expert in my business and I’m not going to worry about it too much.” [Sentinel]

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