Dwayne Bowe: Just Dumb, Youthful Mistakes, or a Larry Johnson-in-Training?

Dwayne Bowe of the Chiefs recently gave an interview to ESPN the Magazine and talked about how some teammates ‘imported’ women via myspace and facebook to hotels on the road. Sounds like a blast.

But his teammates (well, the ones with wives) began to deny the tales, and then Bowe decided to fall back on the ‘ol, “I was misquoted” defense. Except ESPN has a tape of the interview. It won’t play the tape for the media, but it will for Bowe.

As talented as Bowe is – first round pick in 2007, an 86-catch, 1,022-yard second season – one must figure this is his second strike in KC. The first, of course, being a 4-game drug suspension in 2009. Wonder if the KC front office is worried Bowe could be a Larry Johnson-in-training. Or do you chalk this up to youthful stupidity? Its not like he’s been arrested yet.

Because you want to see it first!

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