Sports is in Need of an Anti-Hero. Tiger Woods?

Why not? Give us one good reason why, when Tiger Woods stumbles at the Memorial this weekend – he tees off at 2:50 – to remain winless on the year, he shouldn’t go the anti-hero route? Quit trying to say all the right things. You’re the best golfer on the planet, a billionaire – why not just be a badass?

Most of the corporate sponsors have already bailed. They aren’t coming back.

As the losses mount, you’ll hear the rumblings in the gallery and in the media – you know, maybe he was a better golfer when he was shagging everything in Vegas? Preemptively, Tiger should beat everyone to the punch – give the wife what she wants in the divorce and do your thing. (If he does stay, we’re for Tiger, the anti-hero; also, we wouldn’t hammer Tiger for quitting on the season and focusing on 2011.) If that includes strippers and cocktail waitresses, and dodging paparazzi in Sin City, so be it. Maybe that’s who Tiger Woods is?

While we’re on the subject of anti-heroes in sports, the last great one was …? Plenty of great fictional characters, though. [USA Today]

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