Tom Thibodeau To Coach Bulls; 1 + 1 = LeBron To Chicago!?

Celtics’ assitant coach Tom Thibodeau has reportedly accepted the head coaching position in Chicago. According to the LA Times, multiple outlets are reporting that Thibodeau has accepted a 3-year deal to coach the Bulls. Good for him right? Thibodeau gets most of the credit for building the stellar Boston defense of the last few years. That’s great, but how can we make this about LeBron James? Easily!

Guess who Thibodeau’s agent is? Worldwide Wes. Basketball power broker extraordinaire. Surely this means that LeBron James is as good as signed with the Bulls, right? Maybe. Or maybe the Nets get John Calipari, another Wesley client and LeBron goes there too. Think about it – LeBron signs with two teams, gets two paychecks and gets twice the exposure. Why didn’t Brett Favre think of that?

[LA Times, NBC Sports, Perplexed Thibs via Getty]

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