The Major League Baseball Draft Begins ... Shortly

MLB Draft: It starts shortly. What will happen after Bryce Harper goes first to the Nationals? According to the mock drafts floating around, it looks like the Pirates are interested in a kid named Manny Machado.┬áThe MLB draft is a distant 3rd to the NFL and NBA drafts, mostly for three reasons: 1) Very few fans know any players (or have heard of them); 2) 99.9 percent of guys that are drafted won’t see the majors for at least 3-4 years (or more?), and 3) there could be as many rounds as there are players taken in the NBA draft. Our favorite MLB draft tidbit is that Mike Piazza, one of the best catchers of all-time, was taken in the 62th round in 1988. [USA Today, MLB.com]

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