Stephen Strasburg, Glee and Game Three of the NBA Finals. Big Night of TV. Huge.

Stephen Strasburg begins your night at 7 pm on the MLB Network. Enjoy Bob Costas. Strasburg’s debut will be limited to six innings. It’ll be the first time since the early 90s a national crowd has seen the Pirates, and just as a heads up, squatty Mike LaValliere isn’t behind the plate, and batting glove-less Andy Van Slyke ain’t roaming the outfield. At 8:30, the Hangover begins on HBO. See it for a 14th time. At 9, the season finale of Glee is on. [Fact: We’ve seen 37 minutes of this show. It’s no Dawson’s Creek.] At 9:01, switch to ABC to watch the Lakers and Celtics play game three. Will Lamar Odom show up? Hope he can survive the taunting. Kobe will force the issue and shoot like 9-of-30 and Boston will win, 99-89, sending the national media into a frenzy. Prior to the game, read this Rajon Rondo story. It’s terrific. [Photo: Icon]

Because you want to see it first!

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