The Roundup: Squat Attempt Ends With Projectile Vomit & Disney Closes Most ESPN Zone Restaurants

Cheryl Cole … woman charged with adultery for “having sex with a man in full view of children and their mothers at a playground” … did the FBI screw up royally and fund Van der Sloot’s trip to Peru? … county employee dies in woodchipper … “how to date a white bitch” … anyone connected to the web all day needs to read this50 words that stump NY Times readers … woman killed by lightning as her boyfriend was about to propose …

“The Walt Disney Co. is shutting down most of its ESPN Zone stores, a chain of sports-themed restaurants located in seven cities.” [Chicago Breaking News]

The Chicago Tribune has fun at the expense of “Chrissy” Pronger. [Ouch]

Manny Pacquiao seems ready to take a blood test and fight. Floyd Mayweather, what say you? [Boxing Scene]

A guy bowled 47 strikes in a row, setting a national record. [Penn Live]

For the first time in 22 months, Zach Grienke’s ERA is north of 4.00. Joe Posnanski weeps. [KC Star]

A nice story about the career of umpire Jim Joyce. [Freep]

This has to be the worst stretch of Lew Perkins’ career. [KC Confidential]

Amare Stoudemire will opt-out of his contract, but could return to the Suns. [SI]

UCLA sweeps Arizona, wins the college softball World Series. [LA Times]

Here’s a World Cup prediction of Spain winning it all. [Sparty & Friends]

Jamaal Magloire, formerly of Kentucky and a slew of NBA teams, is good people. [Star]

Attempting to find out if Kobe really is clutch. [Slate]

One Shining Moment in this young man’s life.

Here’s a 1,008-pound squat attempt that ends with projectile vomit on the judge.

London Fletcher does the Thriller dance. [via Redskins Blog]

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