Tim Tebow Really Did Hit 12 Home Runs on 15 Pitches

Tim Tebow: The Denver Broncos 1st round draft choice can play some baseball, too. Last month Tebow was in Memphis and after his agent fended off the moms trying to introduce their daughters to the football star, Tebow took some batting practice at a Memphis high school. As legend has it, he homered 12 times on 15 pitches. That’s Pujols-like. But was it an exaggeration? “I warmed up and went up there, and then missed I think the first two. I didn’t miss them but I didn’t hit them out. Then I went on a good streak from there, so it was decent … It was their high school stadium, so it was a pretty good sized field.” For his next trick, Tebow will be the USA soccer goalie on the 2014 World Cup team. In other Tebow news, someone has combined a Gator and a Bronco and trying to profit. [Gator Bytes, BroncoGator via Hot Clicks]

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