Dan LeBatard's Future Could Be in Mocking the Media

Dan LeBatard: In one of his recent marathon chats, LeBatard was asked what he’ll be doing five years from now. “Simmons, kornheiser, wilbon and i are doing something on the 29th of this month with the pti guys on tv….hopefully, the next step will look or feel something like that….i’m not even sure what it is at the moment, but I want to do something different with the pti guys….i’ve been pestering erik rydholm and matthew kelliher — the guys who run pti — for years about creating something and we’ve been talking about different stuff and maybe the 29th will give you a glimpse….i’d like to do anti-media media while inside the media, just mocking some of the stuff that passes for analysis.”

Because you want to see it first!

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