Jeff Van Gundy: "Some media critics just don't want to give [Kobe] the credit he is due." Huh?

Jeff Van Gundy got a bit worked up last night in the 1st quarter about unnamed media members taking shots at Kobe Bryant after his 38-point game five, and not giving the Lakers’ best player his due. Like TJ Simers, we’re curious “who these muckrackers might be.” Yeah, we take shots at Kobe all the time but it’s not about his skill level (Top 15 player in NBA history, for sure). In our mind, Kobe will never be the greatest Laker of all-time – that honor will forever belong to Magic Johnson. But other than that, yes, Kobe is an all-time great, and next time, Van Gundy needs to be more specific in his criticism. If he mentions Skip Bayless, that’s Van Gundy’s fault for listening to a word that clown says. [vid via Tim Burke]

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