World Cup 2010: Why the Dearth of Goals? (Relax People, It's Early)

GOALLLLLLLLLL: We’re one week into the World Cup and two early themes have emerged – those bloody vuvuzelas and the paucity of goals. But it’s early. There will be 64 World Cup games; after today is done, only 17 games will have been played. From Grant Wahl: “Only 23 total goals have been scored in the first 14 games of World Cup 2010, by far the lowest of any 32-team World Cup. Compare that to the first 14 games of World Cup 1998 (34 goals), 2002 (39) and 2006 (31).” What’s to blame? Players tired from the long club season? Chilly weather at high altitudes? The new ball? Everyone playing it safe in the first game, since if you lose, you’re chances of advancing or very slim? Chili defeated Honduras 1-0 this morning. Spain and Switzerland are knotted at zero at halftime.was upset by Switzerland, 1-0 in the Cup’s first major stunner. [SI, WSJ]

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