Erin Andrews, For the First Time, Doesn't Sound Like a Lock to Return to ESPN

Erin Andrews’ ESPN contract expires on July 1, and it’s pretty clear from her comments to USA Today that she wants a big payday, and ESPN will have to raise its price considerably to keep her.

Pending TV free agent Erin Andrews says she has received multiple job offers from both sports and entertainment shows and networks after her recent turn on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Reading between the lines … enjoy Andrews at the College World Series. It could be her last work at ESPN. We heard a few weeks ago that the MLB Network was pursing Andrews, but we haven’t seen that reported anywhere yet. More likely, though, is that Andrews will be snapped up by one of the entertainment shows.

When Chris Berman’s contract negotiations were taking place, we got a sense from folks inside ESPN that the network would do whatever was necessary to keep Berman (a 25+ year veteran of ESPN; he’s on the network’s Mount Rushmore). We don’t get nearly the same confident vibe about Andrews. That is not to say ESPN doesn’t want to keep her – but the competition probably is fierce and her price tag is going to be out of ESPN’s sideline reporter range.

The guess here is that the entertainment money (or pitch-person money, should she go that route) is far greater than the sideline reporter money. Hell, Andrews may have made more than $200k for eight weeks of work on Dancing with the Stars.

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