2010 World Cup: How The U.S. Will Advance to Knockout Stages

Here are the scenarios for the U.S. to enter the knockout stage

Group C Standings

Slovenia – 4pts (+1) (3)
United States – 2pts (+0) (3)
England – 2 pts (+0) (1)
Algeria – 1 pts (-1) (0)

Final Fixtures

United States vs. Algeria
England vs. Slovenia

Tiebreaker Criteria

1. Goal Difference
2. Total Number of Goals
3. Head to Head
4. Draw Lots

Basically, The U.S. advances by winning against Algeria, or drawing if England and Slovenia draw and England does not outscore the U.S. by two goals. [EDIT: Or a result with an England loss]

The US wins the group if they beat Algeria and…

England beats Slovenia by a lesser margin or an equal margin with fewer total goals


England and Slovenia draw and U.S. wins by more than one goal or ends up with more total goals than Slovenia.

If any teams end up tied on points, goal difference, total goals, and head to head record, FIFA would draw lots. The U.S. has equal head to head records with both England and Slovenia.

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