Lady Gaga Meets A-Rod and Robby Cano At Subway Series

Lady Gaga was at the Subway Series at Yankee Stadium last night. This was the second time she was seen at a Mets’ game this year. She went to a Mets-Padres game a little over a week ago. While most people will discuss the ridiculous outfits she wears, I think the most interesting part is that she’s actually a baseball fan? Specifically a Yankee fan who met Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano after the game last night.

She dressed approrpiately for the game,wearing a jersey over a bikini. Who hasn’t worn nothing but a bathing suit and replica jersey to a game? Are we sure this isn’t just another brilliant piece of performance art that gets people to talk about her. Because, honestly, who has worn nothing but a bathing suit and a replica jersey to a baseball game?

Also, nice hat. Really ties the entire ensemble together. I can only assume A-Rod was inspired and will start wearing similar outfits.

[NY Post, Gaga via Getty]

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