2010 World Cup: Spain vs. Honduras

Honduras were dire against Chile. The missed chances flattered their performance. They did nothing of interest. They tried to hold on with a bland 4-5-1 and counterattack. They were overwhelmed. Spain do not have Andres Iniesta.  Coach Vicente  Del Bosque may remain ignorant of his side’s weakness. They should still win handily. With the way their group is shaking out, they need to.

Zidane believes Spain are still favorites to win the World Cup, but they need to get to the knockout stages to do that. Spain must win their final two matches, but even that six points won’t guarantee advancement. If Spain wins out and Switzerland beats Honduras in the final match. Spain, Switzerland and Chile would be tied on six points. Spain could miss out on goal difference.

Spain were unlucky not to draw Switzerland. They are an excellent, experienced team. Removing the aura of invincibility will more likely stir them than cripple them. They should bounce back against the Hondurans, especially if they play Cesc Fabregas to get more attacking impetus from central midfield. Most of the players were not even born at the time, but Honduras did draw Spain in the 1982 group stage, when Spain hosted the tournament.

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