Stephen A. Smith Getting His Own Showtime Show?

Stephen A. Smith: The columnist is in talks with Showtime about “hosting a late night talk show.” Smith had a show with ESPN (Quite Frankly) earlier this decade; it famously flamed out. Smith told the LA Times, there are “a lot of things still to be ironed out,” about the Showtime talk show. You have to give it up to Stephen A – the guy has consistently re-invented himself. After ESPN didn’t renew his contract last year, nobody knew where his career was headed … but he started to crowbar his way into the political realm, he somehow got his Philly Inquirer columnist gig back, he’s got a Fox Sports radio show, and he’s about to get another TV show. Maybe he’s got a tremendous agent – who knew Stephen A. Smith was once on the View? [Show Tracker]

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