Carmelo Anthony's Wedding to La La Will Be a 5-Part Series on VH1

Carmelo Anthony’s wedding to La La Vazquez will be documented by Vh1. How much Melo will appear in the 5-part series is unknown, but you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the lead-up to the couple’s July 10th wedding.

According to VH1, the series will feature La La and Mindy Weiss, the “wedding planner to the stars,” as the two plan the wedding activities. Cameras will follow La La as she shops for a designer wedding dress and cake, while also featuring the wedding venue and honeymoon planning. And, of course, what’s wedding planning without a bachelorette party? The cameras will follow La La to Las Vegas for the debauchery.

Oh. I guess this has nothing to do with Carmelo. I’m sure she’ll have to take a phone call from him at some point. And shouldn’t they have already picked out a cake? There’s only like three weeks left and she doesn’t have a dress? This is going to be more staged than High School Stories. Remember that time they let the duck loose in the cafeteria? LOL. That’s some good scandal.

[Denver Post, La La via Getty]

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