The Roundup: Bob Probert Died, Caster Semenya to Race Again, and is Uruguay Really Cinderella?

Blake Lively … Anna Faris is getting nude for her new movie … here’s a grandma that knows karate … debating the English-speaking world adopting American English … tough times, financially, for IllinoisReggie Bush hung out with Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend in the Hamptons … man robs 92-year-old woman, flees on tricycle … Lamar Odom’s wife, dressed to party, carrying a baby … the scuba diving dog … “Woman finds drunk, half-naked intruder in home” …

Former NHL enforcer Bob Probert died after collapsing on a boat Monday. [Toronto Star]

Not a lot of folks surprise by JaMarcus Russell’s codeine bust. [Oakland Trib]

Not totally buying the “Uruguay-as-Cinderella” logic. [Toronto Sun]

Here’s an unfunny column bashing Indians by the hacky Joel Stein. [Time]

Who will the Houston Rockets get in free agency? Maybe Brad Miller. [Houston Chronicle]

Former Boston Celtics scoring guard Ray Williams has fallen on hard times. [Boston Globe]

Caster Semenya has been cleared to race in two weeks at the World Junior Championships in Canada. [Telegraph]

On the list of puzzling all-star selections, Omar Infante has to be near the top. Fear not – Strasburg gets his own snub post later. [Yahoo]

“Men on Viagra, Cialis Show Triple Rate of Sex Diseases in Study.” [Business Insider]

How wise of Courtney Force to write something for USA Today and submit a bikini picture. [USA Today]

David Ortiz is back! Wonder how he did it? Must be the eye drops. [Boston Herald]

The Atlanta Hawks would like to bring Shaq to Atlanta. [NBA.com]

Martellus Bennett continues his eternal quest to be funny. [You Been Blinded]

Here are Bob Probert’s Top 5 fights.

The Orlando Summer League action was tight Monday. Here’s T-Will.

Don’t pretend like you know what is going on at the end of this video.

Because you want to see it first!

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