Time to Root for Kevin Durant Instead of LeBron

Lost amid the sea of LeBron James rumors – Kevin Durant signed a 5-year extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder today. No TV show, no lavish spectacle, just a simple announcement on twitter. Then, details began to trickle out – Thunder officials showed up on his doorstep at 11:01 pm on June 30, and he agreed to the extension one minute later. And none of this opt-out bullshit like LeBron, either.

“The new deal does not contain a player option that would allow Durant to become a free agent following the fourth year of the contract.” Durant turns 22 in September. The Thunder should be a Top 4 team in the West as long as he’s healthy.

We’ve been in awe of Lebron since this performance in Detroit a few years ago. Been rooting for him since then, too. But after he quit on his team in game five this postseason … and the way he’s totally bungled free agency, we’re done with him*. He’s still the best talent in the league, but our rooting interests will shift to Durant, a humble, loyal superstar. [Photo: Getty]

* The only way we’ll reconsider this is if he picks New York tomorrow.

Because you want to see it first!

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