Because Not Enough People Have Hammered LeBron's "Decision"

LeBron’s Decision: Gene Wojociechowski of ESPN.com writes, “we got 27 minutes of TV appetizers, followed by eight seconds of LeBron steak … followed by 33-plus minutes of Worcestershire sauce. The whole thing was semi-ridiculous, although it did reveal a vain, self-absorbed side of James that’s as attractive as braided nose hair.” Richard Sandomir writes in the NY Times, “ESPN was ultimately at fault. Norby Williamson, an ESPN executive vice president, predicted Wednesday that James’s answer would be announced by 9:15. Dragging it out would not serve anyone, he said, not James, not the fans. But the pre-Gray portion of the program, which repeated so much of what had been said for the previous eight or nine hours, lasted well beyond 9:15. And then came the Gray debacle.” Tom Hoffarth in the LA Daily News writes, “ESPN was referring to itself in the third person on its own network, just like James eventually did during the program as he was shown video of someone burning one of his Cleveland jerseys … Geraldo Rivera couldn’t bring any more insanity to this.”

Because you want to see it first!

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