World Cup 2010 Third Place Game: Germany vs. Uruguay "Preview"

The winner of this soccer game wins third place at the World Cup. Its just what every little football player dreams of. Duffy doesn’t think any0ne cares enough about this game to write a preview, so I stepped up. Between this and my 1200 word essay yesterday, don’t be surprised if Ty does a post on Georges St. Pierre soon.

History: You want history? The Kaiser Chiefs were named after a South African football club.

Germany: They were supposed to be really good, but they lost to Spain and now they can only win the third place trophy. At least I assume there’s a third place trophy. Do they still have that fake World Cup trophy made of cocaine lying around? They could give them that.

Uruguay: Ah, Uruguay. The country that resulted in hilarious third degree, third grade burns. Also receiving votes – Uranus.

Chicks: Women live in both countries.

Prediction: I predict a 4-2 Germany win and, of course, a riot.

Because you want to see it first!

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