A Friendly Reminder From the Staff

Mike Wilbon, at the end of his Washington Post chat today, announced he’s taking some time off to spend with his family. Other than taping PTI, it sounds like World Wide Wilbon (here’s our favorite post we’ve done on him) won’t be back in the newspaper until after Labor Day. Lucky guy. Starting today, we officially hit the dead zone in sports – there’s baseball and basically, nothing else. It’s still too early to get ramped up about college football or the NFL. As such, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind implore you: Your tips/links/thoughts are appreciated via email/twitter. Bombard us. We hope to tweak the site’s design in the coming weeks, and yes, we’re still going to work on getting the new overlords to roll out an improved mobile version of TBL. Enjoy the Hall of Famer calling the home run derby (it’ll have its own post). [photo via getty]

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