MLB All Star Game Ratings Were Atrocious. To Be Specific, They Were the Worst Ever

Major League baseball drew its lowest TV audience ever for the All-Star game Tuesday – a 7.1 rating and 12.1 million viewers. Last year, many folks probably tuned in just to see Barack Obama throw the opening pitch … what was the draw this year? Well, it could have been Stephen Strasburg, but manager Charlie Manuel and the purists had to have their way. Well, they got it, and nobody seemed to care about the midseason exhibition. Here’s how far baseball has fallen in a little over 30 years – the All-Star game did a 25.6 rating in 1967 when baseball was America’s sport. How, on a lazy Tuesday night in July, when nothing else was on TV, could the rating be so low? The answer is scary: America’s Got Talent, Wipeout, and the Hills. Then again, are sports fans passing on baseball for that garbage?. [Media Life Magazine, Freep; photo via Getty]

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