Ole Miss Narrows Search To Five Awful New Mascots

The University of Mississippi is searching for a new mascot to replace “Colonel Reb.” The Colonel was the mascot for Ole Miss from 1979 to 2003 when some people decided that he was a little too “old South.” (A.K.A. They thought it was racist.) Don’t worry about racism any more though. The Rebels have five possible mascots for the public to choose from. And they all totally make sense. The possible new mascots are: a horse, a land shark, Hotty and Toddy, a lion and a bear. I guess land shark would be the most “original” of the choices. Unless you count Hotty and Toddy, who have something to do a school cheer. They, of course would be some sort of muppet-like characters. I have to ask – who are the ad wizards that came up with this?

[Knox News, Colonel Reb via Getty]

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