Bill Murray Never Saw Seinfeld Until the Final Episode. And He Hated It

Bill Murray: After we read his Q&A in GQ, we briefly thought about a movie post on our “5 favorite Bill Murray movies.” But he’s been in far too many to narrow it down to five, so we scrapped that idea and settled on this quote: “I never saw Seinfeld until the final episode, and that’s the only one I saw. And it was terrible. I’m watching, thinking, ‘This isn’t funny at all. It’s terrible!'” The finale was terrible. The first 5-6 seasons were incredible, though. Back to Bill Murray … Rushmore might be our favorite film of his (followed by Groundhog Day; we were too young to appreciate Caddyshack at the height of its popularity), he has nice things to say about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s body, and he bags on a couple Office writers for the steaming pile of excrement that was Year One. [GQ via Pa Blog]

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