Lawsuit Alleges Little League Coach Intentionally Had Pitcher Throw at Batter

Pathetic Lawsuits: A 13-year-old attempted to bunt with the bases loaded in a little league game. The first pitch came high and inside. On the next pitch. the batter was drilled, and suffered a broken hand. The kid’s dad is suing the opposing coach, claiming the pitcher (coach’s son) purposely drilled his son. “Immediately after (Michael) fell to the ground, and while writhing in pain, defendant Barber again yelled from the dugout, ‘Good!,’ thus confirming and ratifying his order to ‘throw at’ and intentionally and recklessly … hit the plaintiff,” the suit claims. “Connick and his wife, Corrina, are seeking more than $25,000 in damages, lost wages and attorney’s fees … In addition, they want Judge Richard L. Collins Jr. to ban Barber from coaching or participating in any youth sports for at least 15 years.”  [News Herald]

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