The Roundup: Jennie Finch to Retire, The End of Anonymous Comments, & Jeremy Lin to the Warriors?

Vanessa Hudgens … clearly, Inception has a massive fan base … awesome photos of whale destroying boat … the dreaded double dip, here it comes! … that’s an expensive bottle of PBR … Lindsay Lohan began her 90-day jail term yesterday … the Jersey Shore kids won’t quite get $30k per episoderodents, explosives, lawsuits … not putting much stock in this “reveal” of Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby momma … court rules, “guilty of rape by deception” … how soon until another city tries this? … the banks are playing real dirty

Jeremy Green, the ESPN.com contributor who was arrested on kiddie porn charges, is being held on $750k bail. [Courant]

Jennie Finch retired from softball yesterday. [Arizona Daily Star]

Two weeks after getting traded to the Warriors, David Lee banged up his finger; hopefully, it won’t require surgery. [Mercury News]

Ilya Kovalchuk’s silly 17-year, $102 million hockey deal has been rejected by the NHL. [Star-Ledger, Star]

You’re preaching to the choir, John: Baseball’s umpiring is bad. [Feinstein on the Brink]

Despite a strong effort from Lance Armstrong yesterday, it is very unlikely he’ll win the Tour de France. [NYT]

Harvard guard Jeremy Lin is about to sign a deal with the Golden State Warriors. [Marc Stein]

What it’s like to have dinner with Chris Bosh in LA. [ESPN LA]

Big Ron Artest party this weekend? [You Been Blinded]

No more anonymous comments on the Buffalo News website starting August 2. [Buff News]

Stud Cal football recruit already bails on Bears, looking to transfer. [ESPN]

For Tennessee football fans: What’s up with the QB situation? [Times Free Press]

Terrell Owens and the Raiders seem like a perfect fit. [Oakland Trib]

Were Werth and Utley playing poker at 4 am in St. Louis Tuesday morning? [Crossing Broad]

Just found out this song is in Jennifer’s Body, a movie that’s not nearly as terrible as you thought it’d be. It’s being shown daily on Cinemax. We recommend checking it out. The first hour’s solid.

Because you want to see it first!

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