The Roundup: Jon Scheyer's Eye Injury, Gymnast Alicia Sacramone is Back, & When Bison Attack

Julianne Hough, who is dating a guy she once thought was gayhunting in South America sounds like fun … police chief salary for a small town is quite impressive … she asked for milk and they gave her cream … Eddie Munster dating former cheerleader … Miranda Kerr is off the market … city buys $850k piece of art after laying off firefighters … the bandit who wore underwear on his head … and the one who wore a Darth Vadar outfit … taking a stand on the phrase: “NOT the ‘whiteman’s bitch” … tropical storm Bonnie likely to hit Florida today … the loser Christina Milian married filed for divorce nine days before she gave birth …

Possible Miami Heat PG Jon Scheyer suffered a very bad and painful-sounding eye injury. Hope he’s OK. [Trib]

Utah high school football coach mysteriously dies in Atlantic City. [Desert News]

It appears as if Spaniard Alberto Contador will win the Tour de France. [WSJ]

Yes, a college basketball link in July! [CBS Sports]

Marquis Daniels is staying in Boston. With Tony Allen gone, Daniels should get more minutes, and will then seek a longer, more lucrative deal next year. [Herald]

Dez Bryant is the first 2010 1st round pick to sign, inking a 5-year, $11.8 million deal ($8.3 million guaranteed). [Morning News]

Jason Kidd is worried about how difficult it will be to sell tickets in Cleveland or Toronto now that LeBron and Bosh are gone. [SRI]

Chris Martin, the defensive end who has yet to play a down for the Cal Bears, is transferring to the Florida Gators. [Scout]

Attractive gymnast Alicia Sacramone – who was/is dating Brady Quinn – returns to the sport that made her famous this weekend. [Olympics Blog]

Tron! Yes, we’re excited. [Tech Land]

A Chicago columnist wants Joe Girardi as the Cubs next manager. Ha. And I want this Porsche. [Sun-Times]

Been saying this for a couple weeks now – Knicks fans have reason to be happy about the upcoming season. [Awl]

Note to college football stars who attend parties where cameras – and pro athletes – are present: to avoid problems, don’t get photographed. [TMZ]

Admission: Yes, even though we dislike the Celtics, Rajon Rondo is a likable fellow. [But the Game is On]

Rules to live by: Don’t get too close to the Bison.

Floyd Mayweather seems to be enjoying the cockfighting in Puerto Rico. [You Been Blinded]

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